msc tweaked: s’mores cupcakes

This month, Mary Ann from Meet Me in the Kitchen, chose S’mores Cupcakes for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club members to bake. I have never made S’mores cupcakes before, but I have envisioned… Continue reading

twd delayed and overhauled: mardi gras king mini bundt cakes

What a crazy and entertaining football 2009 season it has been for me. I have been a loyal die-hard New Orleans Saints fan for over 20 years and finally, yes finally, they made… Continue reading

twd delayed and overhauled: cocoa-nana cupcakes

Steph of Obsessed With Baking chose Dorie’s Cocoa-Nana bread for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. You might be wondering, it’s Saturday, why did you not post on Tuesday?! I know, my excuse… Continue reading

twd tweaked: chocolate oatmeal almost-candy bars

Lillian of Confectiona’s Realm picked Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars on pages 114 and 115 for this Tuesday. The thought of oatmeal and chocolate together seemed like a great idea to me! After all,… Continue reading

msc tweaked: coconut cupcakes

As you are reading this, I am sipping on a margarita in Cabo, Mexico, celebrating my birthday with several girlfriends. But let us NOT forget about cupcakes! 🙂 Jennifer from Cinema Cupcakes chose… Continue reading

twd revised: no cocoa-buttermilk birthday cake . . . amaretto cake with sugar amaretto glaze and slivered almonds instead

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have been a slacker because of the busy holidays. That was my excuse. Now, I also have to deal with January birthdays. Ryan, my brothers, and my father’s birthdays… Continue reading

twd revised: luscious cheesecake brownie

I remembered when I first made my first ever cheesecake, using Dorie’s Tall and Creamy Cheesecake recipe. It was so good, I made a second one on the same day. It is my… Continue reading

twd revised: pecan pie cupcakes

  Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina chose My Favorite Pecan Pie on page 327 and if anyone knows, pecan pie is one of my favorite pie (third behind banana cream… Continue reading

gingerbread cupcakes part 2: redemption!

As most of you know, after making Martha’s gingerbread cupcakes, I was utterly disappointed. Another dense, muffin-like creation. Seriously people. If I wanted to make muffins, I would have purchased a muffin book,… Continue reading

twd overhauled and delayed: soft ginger cookies instead, please?

I have been two weeks behind with TWD due to social obligations everywhere. Baby showers, birthday parties, and football. So I apologize for not making those yummy sables or visiting your lovely blogs… Continue reading