happy easter: bake sale lemon bars

Connie donated some beautiful lemons from her tree. They looked like grapefruits. I was inspired to make lemon bars from them. I’ve made lemon bars before, but decided to use a different recipe.… Continue reading

what’s new, cupcake?

Pam and I signed up for What’s New, Cupcake with Chef Mimi Pass last Saturday. I’ve taken several classes at Sur La Table and this one has been my favorite thus far. We… Continue reading

cinnamon crumb coffee cake

I wish you were here to smell my kitchen right now. The cinnamon aroma is intoxicating. I was inspired to bake this morning since I did absolutely NOTHING all day yesterday except watch… Continue reading

wizard of oz: peanut butter cupcakes

Lily requested peanut butter cupcakes for Ruby’s birthday. At first, I suggested chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. But after further thought, I decided to go with peanut butter cupcakes and peanut butter… Continue reading

caramel turtle brownies

I enjoy making anything with caramel. Since I was in the mood to make brownies this past Presidents’ Day weekend, I added  caramel which brought out a different dimension to the chocolate. These… Continue reading

red velvet valentine cupcakes

Yeah I know Valentine’s Day is so commercialized and often referred to as “lame”. But I thoroughly enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with Ryan. We like to have a romantic dinner followed by an… Continue reading

star wars galactic empire cupcakes

I am a big Star Wars fan. Like HUGE. I have a Femme Trooper costume for goodness sake. I know, extremely nerdy, but oh so bad-ass. Williams-Sonoma launched some Star Wars baking goods… Continue reading

happy holidays: eggnog cupcakes

Yay! My baking mojo is finally back! I decided to host an office holiday party with eggnog and red velvet cupcakes. Since everyone was over 21, I added rum to the eggnog cupcakes… Continue reading

happy thanksgiving: bourbon chocolate pecan pie bars

My BFF and I co-hosted a pre-Thanksgiving party before our trip to Southeast Asia. We wanted to eat turkey, stuffing, and mash and enjoy the holiday spirit with our friends. But don’t forget… Continue reading

where the heck have i been and so-so cake pictures

Believe it or not, I haven’t been baking as much as I should. *Should* meaning my co-workers have been complaining and I have been turning down cupcake orders from established businesses such as… Continue reading