e40 tiramisu

What the heck is E40 Tiramisu? It is named after a Bay Area rapper who has a fondness for Hennessy. This tiramisu recipe will require a strong cognac taste. Only Henn will do.… Continue reading

twd virgin: sour cream blueberry ice cream

Yes, this is my first ever TWD entry! I am very excited. My dearest Mara advised me with the rules of the game and I realized LAST NIGHT that I had to submit… Continue reading

pina my colada cupcakes

Pina coladas reminds me of my honeymoon in St. Martin. Ryan and I had so many pina coladas, we lost track. The rum, sweet coconut and the fresh pineapple juice were the predominant… Continue reading

bluberries galore!

I love summer time. It usually means pool parties, margaritas, and of course, fresh ripe berries. Blueberries is one of my favorite berries. They are filled with nutrients, high in antioxidants, and best… Continue reading

banana bread cupcakes?! sure, why not.

My dearest cousin, Linh, pinged me on Wednesday, requesting banana bread. “What about banana bread cupcakes?” I suggested and she eagerly agreed. With your basic banana bread recipe, I added mashed bananas, milk,… Continue reading

course one class: nasty frosting. meh.

I absolutely hate frosting that has shortening. It tastes like ass. I would disagree with my teacher on using this type of “buttercream frosting”. It is disgusting. In addition, instead of natural ingredients,… Continue reading

carrot cake cuppies

I had some spare time on Sunday so I baked some carrot cake cupcakes. Here is the recipe: Cupcakes:2 cups sugar1/3 cup vegetable oil1 cup of applesauce1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract3 extra-large eggs2… Continue reading

happy july 4th cupcakes!

To celebrate July 4th, I baked some vanilla cupcakes with royal blue cream cheese frosting for my co-workers (who loved the frosting) and Ryan’s co-workers as well. Yes, I sung God Bless America… Continue reading

summer raspberries!

I bought a pound of organic raspberries at the store and had to be creative for our traditional Sunday meals. For breakfast, I made some buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and raspberries.… Continue reading

first cupcake meeting in the south bay

Sheesh. 15 people RSVPed and only 6 people showed up for the first ever South Bay Cupcake meet. Way to go, San Jose. And you wonder why Sprinkles opened their shop in Palo… Continue reading