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star wars galactic empire cupcakes

I am a big Star Wars fan. Like HUGE. I have a Femme Trooper costume for goodness sake. I know, extremely nerdy, but oh so bad-ass. Williams-Sonoma launched some Star Wars baking goods… Continue reading

where the heck have i been and so-so cake pictures

Believe it or not, I haven’t been baking as much as I should. *Should* meaning my co-workers have been complaining and I have been turning down cupcake orders from established businesses such as… Continue reading

msc: strawberry cupcakes

 What better way to *almost* welcome summer than bake strawberry cupcakes? Thanks to Sherry from Sherry Starts Cooking for selecting this month’s delightful recipe.  Living in California definitely has its own advantages; especially… Continue reading

no twd: rosy poached pear and pistachio tart

Awww, sorry Miss Lauren of I’ll Eat You, but I was hoping that this week’s recipe challenge would be easy. Unfortunately, I don’t have pears or pistachios lying around and  the recipe does… Continue reading

kathy’s bridal shower: louis vuitton cake purse and cupcakes.

Kathy and I love Louis Vuitton purses. So when her bridemaids threw her a bridal shower on Sunday and displayed her Louis Vuitton-looking fondant cake and cupcakes, I was quite envious. I was… Continue reading

no twd: savory corn and pepper muffins and i are not friends.

Hey TWDers, as much as I like muffins, I am going to pass on the corn and pepper ones. Ryan and I just finished eating another slice of the french apple pie and… Continue reading

(sugar-free) chocolate banana cream filled cupcakes with banana cream cheese frosting

Before you ask me why, my friend Cindy requested “Sugar free if you can for my co-worker’s bday.” You got to be kidding me, right? Sugar free cupcakes? What’s the point? 😉 I… Continue reading

office space bday cupcakes: oreos and chocolate mint!

Lisa contacted me to bake 48 minis to celebrate our CFO’s bday as well as the end of Q3! Sweet! Yes, I work in Corporate America and own a red stapler. 🙂 I… Continue reading

carrot cake cuppies

I had some spare time on Sunday so I baked some carrot cake cupcakes. Here is the recipe: Cupcakes:2 cups sugar1/3 cup vegetable oil1 cup of applesauce1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract3 extra-large eggs2… Continue reading

happy july 4th cupcakes!

To celebrate July 4th, I baked some vanilla cupcakes with royal blue cream cheese frosting for my co-workers (who loved the frosting) and Ryan’s co-workers as well. Yes, I sung God Bless America… Continue reading