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twd resignation as of March 16, 2010

Effective as of March 16, 2010, I have officially resigned from the Tuesdays with Dorie (“TWD”) baking group. I had a wonderful tenure of over a year, experimenting with different recipes and enjoying my… Continue reading

twd: my best chocolate chip cookies

Umm, don’t let the title fool you. This is Dorie’s best chocolate chip cookies and not mine. Kait of Kait’s Plate selected My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies on page 68 and of course I… Continue reading

twd delayed and overhauled: cocoa-nana cupcakes

Steph of Obsessed With Baking chose Dorie’s Cocoa-Nana bread for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. You might be wondering, it’s Saturday, why did you not post on Tuesday?! I know, my excuse… Continue reading

twd tweaked: chocolate oatmeal almost-candy bars

Lillian of Confectiona’s Realm picked Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars on pages 114 and 115 for this Tuesday. The thought of oatmeal and chocolate together seemed like a great idea to me! After all,… Continue reading

twd revised: pecan pie cupcakes

  Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina chose My Favorite Pecan Pie on page 327 and if anyone knows, pecan pie is one of my favorite pie (third behind banana cream… Continue reading

twd: apple crisp

Again, another great fall dessert, Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef selected Cran-Apple Crisps on page 422 but I am one of the few people who do not like cranberry unless it’s in… Continue reading

twd: sugar-topped molasses spice cookies

Thanks to Pamela of Cookies with Boys for choosing the Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookies on pages 76 and 77. What a great recipe for Fall and I was totally in the mood for… Continue reading

twd overhauled double feature: cherry-fudge brownies and cherry-fudge cupcakes

 I have not experimented with cherry and chocolate yet, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do so when April of Short + Rose selected Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte on pages… Continue reading

twd overhauled: white sweet potato cupcakes

I stopped by the Asian supermarket on the way home and instead of regular orange sweet potatoes (aka yams), I found white sweet potatoes. I did not know white sweet potatoes even existed.… Continue reading

twd tweaked: all-cinnamon crumb cupcakes

I am a day late. I was recovering from a wild weekend trip in Las Vegas. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.  However, the so-much-fun Vegas pictures landed me… Continue reading