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cupcake hero: lemon and white chocolate cupcakes

Mara, Greg, and I stayed in a lovely house rental in Napa for my birthday weekend and there was a Meyer lemon tree in the backyard. Mara graciously plucked some for me (while… Continue reading

cupcake hero: pumpkin pie cupcakes with maple frosting

This month’s CH theme is squash. As everyone knows, my favorite squash is pumpkin. I also love pumpkin pies, so hello, McFly . . . pumpkin pie cupcakes?! Crust Ingredients 3/4 graham cracker… Continue reading

cupcake hero: bailey’s chocolate cupcakes with creamy marshmallow frosting

My first ever Cupcake Hero entry! Yay! September’s theme and challenge is BAKER’s CHOICE. This ultimately means I get to select two ingredients used in the previous year’s challenges. I therefore choose: Liquor… Continue reading