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very chocolate cake

I’ve made this chocolate cake several times already for two different birthdays. Some said it was the best chocolate cake they’ve ever had. Also, it’s my favorite so far. It’s a no-frills very… Continue reading

banana and chocolate bread

I had three leftover ripe bananas and a bag of chocolate chunks. What to do. What to do. Aha, nothing better than fresh banana bread.  I used a tried and true basic recipe,… Continue reading

chocolate and peppermint cupcakes

I lost a bet in the beginning of the NFL 2011 season. Now I owe Marco cupcakes. I used whatever ingredients I had on hand. What’s this: Junior Mints and chocolate. Done.  Side… Continue reading

chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

I have been craving peanut butter everything lately. I decided to incorporate peanut butter into a cupcake form. And what better way to do that than to combine two of the greatest flavors:… Continue reading

cupcake hero: bailey’s chocolate cupcakes with creamy marshmallow frosting

My first ever Cupcake Hero entry! Yay! September’s theme and challenge is BAKER’s CHOICE. This ultimately means I get to select two ingredients used in the previous year’s challenges. I therefore choose: Liquor… Continue reading