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everything nice applesauce spice cupcakes

Jessica requested spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for her birthday. No raisins, no nuts. Just spice. I used Bake and Destroy’s spice cupcake recipe and made a slight modification. I utilized the… Continue reading

colleen’s choco-coffee bday cupcakes

Colleen, my co-worker, requested “dark chocolate, coffee, and cream cheese” for her birthday cupcakes. I did not know exactly what that entailed, but I was up for the challenge. I rummaged through the… Continue reading

tasaria’s cupcake bday!

I volunteered to bake french vanilla cupcakes for Tasaria’s second birthday (my dear friend Mona’s daughter). I have not baked for a child’s bday before, so I thought it would be challenging, but… Continue reading

joanne’s chocolate bday cupcakes

Flashback, this was my first attempt baking birthday cupcakes for a co-worker, Joanne. You have to keep in mind that my baking blog adventures began in April 2008 and my experience was very… Continue reading